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Our wide range of Sandwich Panels and Special Panels focuses on meeting all our customers’ needs.

In Modular Construction, we are highly competitive both in Spain and internationally, due to our integrated manufacturing process for all components.

We work on new technical and design solutions for industrial and modular construction and to provide creative solutions to the needs of our customers.”

All our products are made with our own resources at various factories in Huerta, Salamanca, with over 100,000 m2 of floor space.


Sandwich Panels

SANDWICH PANELS Panelais Procucciones manufactures and sells a very wide range of Sandwich Panels and other special Insulating Panels to meet any need in industrial, agricultural or modular construction. Our Sandwich Panels with Polyurethane (PUR)[...]

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elementos metalicos

Sheets, Purlins and Profiles

Panelais Producciones is the leading company in the manufacture of Sandwich Panels and special Insulating Panels, and we complete the range for drywall construction with metal parts to complement the panels: Profiled sheets for enclosures,[...]

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puertas ventanas e1620201153515

Doors and Windows

All products included in Doors and Windows were developed to complete the Panelais Producciones range for dry construction of industrial or agricultural premises and modular buildings. The result is several lines of aluminium and PVC[...]

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construccion modular

Modular Construction

Modular Construction is a dry construction system based on assembling prefabricated modular units to create from small architectural spaces to large buildings for multiple uses and applications.  

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About Us

New Materials and Construction Systems

Challenging the traditional and artisan techniques used in the construction of buildings, in the last few decades, work has started on developing new materials and construction systems that are lighter, easier and faster to assemble. These new materials and construction systems enable a rapid, economic response to the need to create the buildings and spaces of the future, without leaving aside responsibility to the environment.

Commitment to Innovation and Development

Por eso, en Panelais Producciones apostamos por poner nuestra industria 4.0 al servicio de esta nueva tecnología constructiva, desarrollando y fabricando una amplísima gama de sus componentes:

Our product lines cover several types of Sandwich Panels and Special Panels for façades, roofs and interior partitions, with their trims and accessories. In addition, we manufacture a wide variety of complementary products, such as doors and windowsprofiled sheets, structural purlins for sheds and laminated plasterboard profiles for dry construction. Finally, we assemble all these components into prefabricated modules, with Modular Construction one of our great undertakings for the future.

Capacity, Quality and Commitment

The entire production cycle is implemented integrally with our own resources at various factories in Huerta, Salamanca, with a surface area of over 100,000 m2 and production running 24/7 for 365 days per year. That gives a manufacturing capacity of 50,000 m2 of sandwich panels per day!

Highly mechanized processes make this possible – we have three production lines working continuously in manufacturing panels, as well as state-of -the-art machinery for producing the other products – and a reliable, well-trained workforce.

The production capacity at Panelais Producciones goes in tandem with a clear commitment to product quality and excellence in services provided, and we are strongly committed to our customers.

Panelais Producciones at the Service of its Customers

Panelais Producciones puts its full production capacity at the service of its customers. We adapt to the needs and demands of their projects and with help from a skilled technical team to provide creative solutions to problems.

Thus, Panelais Producciones helps its customers and their companies to grow, and the customers have helped Panelais to grow: In a short time, we have become one of the most outstanding companies in the manufacture and sales of sandwich panels and accessories at national level, with a significant international presence and exports to over 45 countries!


The CAPACITY for innovation, development and manufacture

The QUALITY of our products and services

The COMMITMENT to our customers and the planet

We go forward into the future with a passion for work well done!



Panelais Producciones SA is developing Deep Panel in collaboration with FUNGUSAL.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with the aim of promoting technological quality development, innovation and research.

The Deep Panel project is investigating new techniques for quality assurance in the end product manufactured by Panelais Producciones S.A. (Sandwich Panel) and incorporates data capture (IIoT) and control automated systems, which with data capture and the use of hybrid AI neuro-symbolic and Deep Learning solutions, are able to enhance and provide uniformity to the quality of the end product.

In addition, it will increase control over the company’s storage spaces and improve its use and availability of materials, using multi-criteria optimisation techniques in planning.

Therefore, Panelais Producciones S.A. needs to increase its knowledge base to vary the physical and mechanical characteristics of the product it manufactures, improving and extending its catalogue of products.

Place of performance: Huerta (Salamanca)
Completion time: From 02/11/2019 to 31/01/2022
Budget: € 559,859



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