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Identity Module

The Identity Module is our star module, whose customised design adapts to the aesthetic requirements of any surroundings and any corporate image: The construction system is based on the Standard Module, and depending on the demands of the envisaged use, they can have the same features as the CTEch Module to comply with the Technical Building Code. The module is designed for temporary or permanent buildings used for more than 24 months.

Whether it is used as a Single Module or in Modular Buildings consisting of several units, it is an excellent solution when the aesthetics apply to extending offices, canteens, classrooms, first aid stations, field hospitals, sports changing rooms, etc. where the design of the Modular Building plays an important role, either to fit in with the corporate image, or to mask its appearance in a delicate environment, and is outstanding for its versatility, fast assembly and durability as it is made with top quality materials.

To give the Identity Module a personalised image, the construction system of the Standard Modules is complemented by the following:



An exterior cladding in any type of material fixed on the façade panels to provide the modular building with a different look in colour and texture, while at the same time hiding the structural frames typically found in prefabricated modules.


The roof can be flat and non-load bearing, with a terrace, or have one, two, three or four slopes, with a choice of materials and look.


Any type of interior cladding, either for walls, floors or false ceilings gives Modular Buildings a special design with high aesthetic appeal and quality finishes.

As with all our modules, the Identity Module can be joined horizontally in any direction, and 2 can be stacked vertically without reinforcement. For higher buildings, the pillars are reinforced according to the structure calculations. 

Do you have a project for the Identity Module? Contact us and one of our sales force will attend you personally and help you find the solution to your project!

Puedes comprar Identity Module en cualquiera de nuestras delegaciones en España:
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