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Laminated Plaster Profiling

TC 47 Profiles and L-Profiles for direct continuous and suspended False Ceilings

Panelais Producciones wishes to give its customers the widest range of solutions for dry construction. Therefore, we also manufacture galvanized steel section for backfilling, partitions and plasterboard ceilings or other materials used in interiors.


High-quality, cold formed galvanized steel profile made in laminated steel sheet with a certificate of quality.

Technical specifications

SteelDX51 D (Bajo norma UNE-EN 10346)
GalvanizedType Z140 (140g/m2)
Manufacturing standardUNE-EN 14.195:2005
Reaction to fireEuroclass A1 (non-combustible)

Storage conditions

Store on flat surfaces under cover. Do not expose to rain or direct sunlight.

TC 47

Espesor (mm)Dimensiones (mm)Cantidad
TC47 Z1400,647,017,06,5720

Applications, System and Accessories:

  • Horizontal element in direct continuous false ceilings in Plasterboard PYL.
  • Horizontal element for continuous suspended false ceilings in a single structure. Joined with clips with the bracket fixed to the board or suspended from rods.
  • Horizontal element for continuous suspended false ceilings in a double structure. Joined with clips to the SPER 47 or SPER 47/60 profile suspended from the board by rods.
  • Perimeter Profile accessories: Angular L..

Lengths (mm)

  • 3.000 / 4.500 mm


Espesor (mm)Dimensiones (mm)Cantidad
ANGULAR 24 Z1400,5524,024,0600
ANGULAR 30 Z1400,5530,030,0600

Applications, System and Accessories:

  • Perimeter Profile for continuous suspended false ceilings in a single or double structure.

Lengths (mm)

  • 3.000 mm

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Static Aerator

The static aerators for roofs are adapted to all roof models and made in 0.6 mm thick pre-painted galvanized steel.

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