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Static Aerator

The static aerators for roofs are adapted to the models in the Pur/Pir Roof Panel (AIS 3G, AIS 5G and AIS TAP) and Rock Wool Roof Panel (AIS ROC 5G and AIS ROC 5G PHONO) and Livestock Roof Panel (AIS AGRO 3G, AGRO 5G and AGRO TAP) range. They are made in 0.6 mm thick galvanized steel and pre-painted on the exterior, with colours and trims to match the models in the range of panels for industrial roofs.

Aerators have 2 options depending on the type of throat required, models 250 and 500 can renew air in a shed for 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

They have been developed to facilitate extraction of air from the shed naturally, using the Venturi effect, and do not need electricity or maintenance of the moving parts. In addition, the special design prevents water from entering and simplifies assembly on a stand.

As with all our products, the trims are customisable, with a choice of colours and some dimensions. Please see the technical data sheet for further information.


Maximum lenght6.000 mm
Free throat250, 500 mm
Thickness of sheet0.6 mm
Cladding thickness25u

Clay-Tile Red

Navarra Green

Pirineo White

Ral 9006
Consult other colors and characteristics.

Static Aerator

aireador estatico 250 500
Static Aerator 250 500
aireador estatico 250 500 esquema 1
Static Aerator 250 500 scheme

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Static Aerator

The static aerators for roofs are adapted to all roof models and made in 0.6 mm thick pre-painted galvanized steel.

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