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Manufacture and Sale of Carpentry with Thermal Breaks



To complete the range of doors and windows specially adapted for use in thin walls, e.g. with Sandwich Panel façades and interior partitions, frequently used in Modular Construction and industrial and agricultural premises, Panelais Producciones has a wide range of Carpentry with Thermal Breaks.

Carpentry with Thermal Breaks is essential if the construction is planned to comply with the technical code, as is the case of our CTEch Modular Construction, or in Prefabricated Housing that Panelais Producciones is developing, but also when good climatic comfort is required, or specific technical or aesthetic qualities.

In addition, Carpentry with Thermal Breaks enables windows to be made with any type of opening, such as sliding windows with 3 or more panels, and hinged windows and doors with all types of opening.

We also supply blinds and shutters for the windows in Carpentry with Thermal Breaks.

Have any questions about Carpentry with Thermal Breaks? Contact us and one of our sales force will attend you personally and help you find the solution to your project! We are here to respond to our customers’ requirements.

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