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Manufacture and Sale of Prefabricated Housing

Panelais Producciones in in the process of developing its  Prefabricated Housing sector, which has, until now, been confined to a rapid response to needs for Temporary Accommodation, either in single or multiple units, in emergency situations.

The new models for Prefabricated Housing developed by Panelais Producciones consists of two product lines The Unimodular, which are small spaces consisting of a single module which is completed in our factory, and Single-family consisting of a set of modules that, when manufactured, are assembled on site.

Among the Unimodular modules are the Guest Room or the Small Office for the garden, and the Minimum House for weekends for two people.

Among the Single Family modules are the Economy House with 2 or 3 bedrooms, and the Exclusive Design House, where the spaces and finishes can be customised.

Except for temporary accommodation, where the urgency demands rapid, economical solutions, whose construction characteristics are specified for each project, our prefabricated houses are built according to the strictest requirements for habitability and comfort, and comply with current building regulations.

Are you interested in a Prefabricated House? Contact us and one of our sales force will attend you personally and help you find the solution to your project!

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