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Modular Buildings

Prefabricated Kiosks

Modular Construction offers multiple possibilities for events and fairs to create temporary spaces to represent a particular image. Constructing Prefabricated Kiosks for the sale of food and drink with Modular Buildings is a fast, effective, economical and sustainable solution.

Panelais Producciones has very wide experience in the production and sale of Prefabricated Kiosks. We design Kiosks with one or more modules to meet the needs of every customer and help create personalised spaces with hygienic, attractive interior and exterior finishes that are easy to maintain. Our Kiosks have the facilities and equipment adapted to the specific needs of fairs and events, and create a calm, welcoming environment.

If you need a space to sell food, drink or any other type of kiosk merchandise, contact us and an expert will advise you and explain the options offered by our modular units for Prefabricated Kiosks.

Example of a Prefabricated Kiosk with an exterior area and desk:

Dimensions (mm)5000×2400
Headroom (mm)2275
Surface area (m2)12,0

These measurements belong to a concrete example. The kiosks can be manufactured in any other measure.

Puedes comprar Prefabricated Kiosks en cualquiera de nuestras delegaciones en España:
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