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Manufacture and Sale of Sheets, Purlins and Profiles

chapas de acero

Profiled Steel Sheet

Profiled Steel Sheets consist of a pre-painted, galvanised steel sheet between 0.38 mm and 0.60 mm thick pre-formed on a continuous profiling line and folding machines. There are Profiled Steel Sheets for roofs, façades and[...]

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correas de acero galvanizado

Galvanized Steel Purlins

Galvanized Steel Purlins are longitudinal profiles of galvanized steel sheet between 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm thick, folded and embossed by the most modern machinery at our facilities in Huerta, Salamanca. There are two types[...]

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perfileria yeso laminado

Laminated Plaster Profiling

To complete the dry construction range, Panelais Producciones has a wide variety of Profiled Laminated Plaster for partitions, backfilling, directly fixed or suspended continuous false ceilings, and accessible false ceilings. We make Profiled Laminated Plaster[...]

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lucernarios remates accesorios

Skylights, Trims and Accessories

In order to offer our clients a more complete service and to provide everything needed to carry out  their projects, we complement our wide range of Sandwich Panels and Special Insulated Panels with translucent Polycarbonate[...]

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Panelais Producciones is the leading company in the manufacture of Sandwich Panels and special Insulating Panels, and we complete the range for drywall construction with metal parts to complement the panels: Profiled sheets for enclosures, galvanized steel purlins and the supporting structure for panels and sheets, profiles for drywall construction of partitions and plasterboard ceilings, and naturally, all types of accessories and trims for coverings and façades.  

Our profiled, galvanized steel sheets with 5 or 6 ribs, both for covers and façades, act as enclosures for constructions, which do not need any type of heat insulation or soundproofing. In addition, to fit in better with rural environments, we also make imitation tile sheets.     

C purlins are used to support panel and sheet façades, and Z purlins are a secondary supporting structure for panels and sheets in covers and made in galvanized steel planks and profiled in our large-format folding machines. The shape of C and Z purlins give high mechanical resistance, despite their reduced thickness and therefore weight, making them easy to handle on site.  

Panelais Producciones wishes to give its customers the widest range of solutions for drywall construction. Therefore, we also manufacture galvanized steel section for backfilling, partitions and plasterboard ceilings or other materials used in interiors.   

Our range of products would not be complete without paying attention to detail: The look of façades and covers made with panels and sheets is unthinkable without the trims: Carefully designed ridges, skirts, eaves and gutters, corner posts and bases, etc., are made in the same colours as the panels and sheets and perfect your building with a smart look.  

Can’t find what you want? Contact us and we will help you find the solution to your project, our sheets, purlins, profiles, trims and accessories can be customised to your requirements!  

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