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Manufacture and Sale of Modular Construction

Modular Construction is a dry construction system based on assembling prefabricated modular units to create from small architectural spaces to large buildings for multiple uses and applications.  

construccion modular

Modular Buildings

Modular Construction has been developing with great rapidity in the last few decades and is competing more strongly with traditional buildings. The ease of quality and cost control thanks to their industrial production in a controlled[...]

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viviendas prefabricadas

Prefabricated Housing

Panelais Producciones in in the process of developing its  Prefabricated Housing sector, which has, until now, been confined to a rapid response to needs for Temporary Accommodation, either in single or multiple units, in emergency situations. The[...]

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sistemas modulares y servicios

Modular Systems And Services

Panelais Producciones has developed several Modular Systems to provide solutions adapted to our customers’ needs. All the metal elements in the modules, both for the structure and Sandwich Panels for enclosures and interior partitions, the external and[...]

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modulos unitarios

Prefabricated Moduls

Panelais Producciones has developed a range of Prefabricated Modules based on the construction system of Standard Modules, which can be used as small independent buildings in any environment. The various types of Prefabricated Modules are ready and equipped for several uses:[...]

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Modular Construction is a dry construction system based on assembling prefabricated modular units to create from small architectural spaces to large buildings for multiple uses and applications.  

Our Prefabricated Modules are self-supporting and consist of a frame and pillar structure in rolled steel and various types of enclosures and finishes for the floors, ceilings and façades. They are highly versatile and provide rapid, efficient solutions to problems of space.   

Module Types

Panelais Producciones has developed, and continues to develop, several lines of modules for different uses and needs. The Standard Modules are the most economical modules and are designed for auxiliary or temporary use, such as site huts, storage spaces, temporary buildings and facilities, temporary housing, etc. The CTech Modules are based on the same construction system; however, the enclosures have better thermal properties and the latest air conditioning equipment, making them highly sustainable buildings for Energy Efficiency, complying with the highest demands in the Technical Building Code, and are for permanent use, and as comfortable as any traditional building. Lastly, there is the Identity Module line, which was developed to enhance the image of our Modular Construction buildings, to give customers the option of creating the desired image to reinforce the visual identity of their companies.   

Unitary Modules

For basic solutions, Panelais Producciones has developed several types of Prefabricated Modules, such as translucent modules for offices, sanitary modules for toilets and complete bathrooms, and combined modules for changing rooms and other uses. These modules have all that is needed to operate as small, independent buildings in any surroundings.  

Modular Buildings

However, our Prefabricated Modules can also be used to create modular units horizontally or vertically, to build several floors, with all the requirements for occupancy and comfort for almost any use: offices, training rooms, meeting rooms, laboratories, social areas, surgeries, accommodation, dining-rooms, sanitation facilities, field hospitals, temporary housing, warehouses, etc… The possibilities are endless!   

Prefabricated Housing 

Talking of prefabrication, do not forget one product whose development is revolutionising the market for building single-family houses. Panelais Producciones has long experience in prefabricated housing for Temporary Accommodation. Making use of our knowledge of the sector and in dry construction, we are currently developing highly comfortable Prefabricated Modules with a customised design as an option to extend space with a prefabricated building in the garden, either for a guest room, or small office, workshop…or else as a Weekend Retreat that can be customised and adapted to any environment – the mountains, the beach…. And do not forget the Prefabricated Housing with two or more bedrooms on one or two floors, whether it is the most economical option or an exclusive design. Contact us and we will advise you on the design of your future house.  

Modular Construction has multiple advantages: The modules, buildings, prefabricated houses are assembled by a dry construction process in industrial premises: This is a systematic process in a controlled environment. Production in the plant enables tasks and processes to be performed simultaneously with stock materials and prefabricated components, with maximum automation of the work.   

This provides Modular Construction with better quality control at the origin and strict supervision of costs and time, since building in a controlled environment helps with planning and prevents damage from bad weather.    

In brief: Controlled building processes together with the quality of materials used in the structure and finishes, make Modular Construction an economical, versatile, lasting and sustainable option.   

Can’t find the Prefabricated Module you want? Contact us and one of our sales force will attend you personally and help you find the solution to your project! 

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