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Manufacture and Sale of Rock Wool Sandwich Panels

Rock Wool Sandwich Panels consist of two sheets of pre-painted, galvanised steel in thicknesses from 0.38 mm to 0.60 mm with a 100 kg/m3 density Rock Wool core, assembled and bonded in two production lines, one continuous and the other discontinuous.

The characteristics of Rock Wool Sandwich Panels are closely linked to their mineral origin, made from volcanic rock. The fibrous, multi-directional structure with immobile air in the interior is a good thermal, also acoustic, insulator. In addition, since it is of mineral origin, it is non-flammable making it an excellent material for passive fireproofing in the construction industry.

Rock Wool Sandwich Panels are used in modular building in particular, also in prefabricated houses, industrial and agricultural premises, and in special cases in traditional building. The most frequent uses of Rock Wool Sandwich Panels in building are:

  • As thermal insulation in roofs and façades, also in false ceilings and air chambers in plumbing frameworks.
  • As soundproofing in roofs and façades, also interior partitions.
  • As a passive fireretardant in roofs and façades, also interior partitions and cladding, e.g. for compartimentalising fire sectors.

Assembling Rock Wool Sandwich Panels on any metal, wooden, brick or concrete support is easy because it is light and easy to assemble for both roofs and façades, with symmetrical joints and no thermal breaks.

Rock Wool Sandwich Panels are very environmentally-friendly, since the metal sheets use up to 20% recycled material, and rock wool up to 90%. At the end of useful life, both materials are almost 100% recyclable i.e. can be used in manufacturing new products.

The main advantages of using Rock Wool Sandwich Panels compared to PUR / PIR Sandwich Panels are, among others:

  • They have better sound insulation, making them an excellent solution for façades and roofs in noisy areas and for interior partitions in all types of public buildings, houses, etc.
  • They have better fireproofing properties, since both the metal sheet and the rock wool are non-flammable and suitable for interior and exterior sectioning of buildings

The main disadvantages of using Rock Wool Sandwich Panels compared to PUR / PIR Sandwich Panels are, among others:

  • They weigh more per m² and are, therefore, heavier to transport and assemble.
  • Thermal insulation is lower than for PUR / PIR foams, and so they must be thicker to provide the same insulation.

Can’t find the Rock Wool Sandwich Panel you want? Contact us and one of our sales force will attend you personally and help you find the solution to your project! All our Sandwich Panels and Special Insulating Panels can be customised according to customers’ needs.

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