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Manufacture and Sale of Modular Buildings

Modular Construction has been developing with great rapidity in the last few decades and is competing more strongly with traditional buildings. The ease of quality and cost control thanks to their industrial production in a controlled environment, and the speed of execution are some of the advantages that have made Modular Buildings a valuable solution for any temporary or permanent building.

With its wide experience in manufacturing and assembling Modular Buildings, Panelais Producciones is one or the largest manufacturers and suppliers of modular units. The Modular Buildings for offices, class rooms, meeting rooms, laboratories, social and cultural areas, surgeries, housing, dining rooms, sanitary facilities, field hospitals, temporary housing, warehouses, etc. for companies, public administrations and international organisations are spread over Europe, Africa and South America.

All Modular Buildings made at Panelais Producciones comply with current regulations and most stringent requirements for habitability and comfort. Depending on the length and type of use and our customers’ needs, Modular Buildings can be manufactured with Standard Modules, CTEch Modules or Identity Modules.

The Modular Buildings in the list on this website are just a few examples of the infinite possibilities for application and use, where Modular Construction provides rapid, economic and sustainable solutions of high quality.

Do you have a project for a Modular Building? Contact us and one of our sales force will attend you personally and help you find the solution to your project!

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