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Manufacture and Sale of PVC Windows



Panelais Producciones makes 2-panel sliding, tilt, projecting and fixed PVC windows in the S-7009 series. These windows are used especially in Modular Construction and industrial and agricultural premises and are framed and can be glazed with 4 mm to 14 mm glass.

The frames for series S-7009 PVC Windows are made in white PVC profiles with a double chamber and outer overlap to ensure that they are watertight.

The panels are made in PVC profiles and can be glazed with standard glass, laminated safety glass or double glazed with 4 mm to 14 mm glass. There is an option to replace the standard panels with special ones with glass of up to 26 mm. In addition, the frame of the PVC 2-panel Sliding Window is designed for aluminium instead of PVC panels.

All the S-7009 series are specially designed for direct assembly in 40 mm Sandwich Panel walls, or with a special aluminium counterframe for 60 mm Sandwich Panel walls. Ask us about assembly in walls or other thicknesses, we make customised trims.

All the series have the same appearance to fit in with any of our other series of exterior or interior Aluminium Doors.

Except for the projecting windows, there is an option to fit blinds with aluminium slats and integrated PVC caisson or exterior aluminium bars.

Can’t find the PVC Windows you want? Contact us and one of our sales force will attend you personally and help you find the solution to your project! All our PVC Windows can be customised according to customers’ needs.

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