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Manufacture and Sale of Prefabricated Modules

Panelais Producciones has developed a range of Prefabricated Modules based on the construction system of Standard Modules, which can be used as small independent buildings in any environment. The various types of Prefabricated Modules are ready and equipped for several uses: Models AIS-1, AIS-2 and AIS-3 are translucent modules in various sizes and suitable for use as offices, site huts, storage space, etc. Models AIS- WC-M, AIS-WC-1, AIS-WC -2 and AIS-WC-3 are for sanitary use, from just a WC and basin, to a large model with WCs, basins and showers for several people. Models Ais-2A, AIS-2AD, AIS-3A and AIS-3AD are combined modules, are bright spaces with a wash room with WC and basin, or in some cases, a shower. Lastly, model AIS-4 is a double office with entry hall and wash room in the middle.

All the metal elements in the Prefabricated Modules, both for the structure and Sandwich Panels for enclosures and interior partitions, the external and internal carpentry and sheets for the roof, are made at our facilities in Huerta, Salamanca top quality materials and under strict quality control. The modules are carefully assembled and completed with the finishes and facilities chosen for each one.

Unitary Modules are the perfect solution for small temporary constructions for offices, sanitation, changing rooms or site huts and are highly versatile, rapidly assembled and durable.

The Standard Module is the base and starting point for all our products in Modular Construction. This is the most economic module and can be used temporarily or provisionally for up to 24 months, and therefore is exempt from complying with the DB-HE Energy Efficiency. They can be joined horizontally in either direction and vertically up to 2 floors without reinforcement. For higher buildings, the pillars are reinforced according to the structure calculations.  The Standard Module is the perfect solution for temporary constructions for offices, sanitation, changing rooms or site huts and is highly versatile, rapidly assembled and durable.

Do you have a project for a Prefabricated Module? Contact us and one of our sales force will attend you personally and help you find the solution to your project!

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