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Skyliths, Trims and Accessories

Imitation Tile Ridge Trims

Trims for Imitation Tile ridges on gable roofs, and flat roofs with fascia or apron, are made in galvanized steel and pre-painted on the exterior, the sheet is 0.45 mm thick, with colours and trims matching the models in the Pur/Pir Imitation Tile Roof Panel range (AIS COPPO).

In addition to the standard models, our customers have the option of customised trims to suit each construction.

As with all our products, the trims are customisable and can be embossed or smooth, with a choice of colours and some dimensions. Please see the technical data sheet for further information.


DevelopmentVariable en mm
Maximum lengthVariable en mm
Useful lengthVariable en mm
Thickness of sheet0.40 mm
Cladding thickness25u


Ral 8004

Yellow Albero
Consult other colors and characteristics.

Double Ridge AIS NCOPPO

Die Cut Rear Crown AIS NCOPPO

Die Cut Rear Skirt AIS NCOPPO

Restablecer filtros

Static Aerator

The static aerators for roofs are adapted to all roof models and made in 0.6 mm thick pre-painted galvanized steel.

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