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Modular Construction

construccion modular

Modular Buildings

Modular Construction has been developing with great rapidity in the last few decades and is competing more strongly with traditional buildings. The ease of quality and cost control thanks to their industrial production in a controlled[...]

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viviendas prefabricadas

Prefabricated Housing

Panelais Producciones in in the process of developing its  Prefabricated Housing sector, which has, until now, been confined to a rapid response to needs for Temporary Accommodation, either in single or multiple units, in emergency situations. The[...]

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sistemas modulares y servicios

Modular Systems And Services

Panelais Producciones has developed several Modular Systems to provide solutions adapted to our customers’ needs. All the metal elements in the modules, both for the structure and Sandwich Panels for enclosures and interior partitions, the external and[...]

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modulos unitarios

Prefabricated Moduls

Panelais Producciones has developed a range of Prefabricated Modules based on the construction system of Standard Modules, which can be used as small independent buildings in any environment. The various types of Prefabricated Modules are ready and equipped for several uses:[...]

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